Irondequoit High School
Class of '55

In Memoriam


This page lists the names of classmates that are deceased.
If you have any other information of former classmates that have passed on, please send it to Morey Waltuck.
Morey maintains this site. This information is being obtained from a variety of sources so please notify us of any needed corrections.

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Beverly Ashton Privitera, 2005
Bonnie Bauman Goodman
Donald Bell,  1990
Jack Berger,  1956
Robert Chapman, 1997
Susan Cooper Yetter, 1993
Carole Crittenden Howley, 2008
Richard DeYoung,  1992
Shirley Farr Demarco
Bonnie Farrell McNeil, 2010
George Gagnier
Robert Green
Harold Groat, 2014
David Harned, 2001
Ronald Iman
Alan Koloseike, 2016
Ron LaBorie, 2009
Robert Lehmann, 2016
Don Main, 2018
William McEntosh,  2003
Margaret McKinley Heacock,  1982
Gerry Moldenhauer, 2021
Nancy Mosher Wiesner, 2008
George Moyer, 2005
Kathy Parsons Schwartzman, 2006
James Burr Reddig
Lynn Robertshaw, 2014
Carol Sauer Fink , 2011
Karl Schabbel, 2017
Richard Shaw, 1990
Ken Smith, 2005
John Snider
Richard Strauss, 2014
Barbara Ticknor Hogaboom, 2019
James Troy
Gerald Tuite, 2011
Emil Vogel, 2020
Gwen Wadman Barker, 2020
George Russell Waterman, 2019
Barbara Williams-Walters, 2007


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