Small Impromptu Reunion for 2007

On August14 the unruly (other than a couple of chaperoning spouses) youthful bunch below lunched at The Reunion Inn across from the Sea Breeze Jack Rabbit.

Before you read the caption under the photo, see how many (if any) you recognize:

Need a little help? In the back row left to right, Fred Johnson, Bob Lehman, Jerry Tuite, Buzzy Abel, Rich Wilder, Frank Moscato, and John Quinlan.
Seated from left to right Shirley Moldenhauer, Neva Robertshaw, Lynn Robertshaw, and Gerry Moldenhauer.

That's how it started, but below is how it ended.

It appears that Gerry is figuring out the bill. However...

However, most of the group seems to have fled.
Did you notice that Jerry T. is carefully watching the door. So you have to wonder how they acquired all that money.
Lynn does not seem to be happy about what Gerry M. is doing with the money.
And, the wives, who are just just having a hilarious time, are wishing that what ever is going on with all that money would just end.

Pictures and most of the text by JFred

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