Mini-Reunion of 2008

The class of '55 held a mini-reunion on August 10 at Keenan's Restaurant on Ridge Road.

Were you there?


First table. Clockwise from the lower left: John and Gretchen Kralles, Tom & Dianne Kurzrock, Neva and Lynn Robertshaw, Ron and Ann Blaessig, Shirley and Gerry Moldenhauer.

Second table clockwise from lower left: Euleta (Fitch) Ilissoo, Gail Gucker (Rich Wilder's significant other - Rich had stepped out), George Hoenig, Lillian and Jerry Clearman and Juri Ilissoo (see next photo).


Rear table from the front: John and Gerri Quinlan, Marie (Holley) Sandman, Joyce (Schlitzer) Schulz, Carolyn (Bailey) Baker, and  Shirley (Farr) DeMarco.

Clockwise from the front left: Pat (Farrell) Benson, Jim and Gerry Isaac, Audrey and Jerry Freedman.

At the round table clockwise from rear left Carol (Sauer) and Clarence Fink, Carol Hardy, and Teresa and Ron Brown.

       Photos by Fred Johnson (That's why he in not in any of the pictures.)

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